Mor Levy



Mor Levy Volner


Mor Levy graduated from University of California, Davis in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Nutrition. She finished her Lactation Consultant course from University of California, San Diego Extension Program, which includes her 300 hours of lactation consulting experience from Kaiser Permanente in both the inpatient and outpatient clinics, which allowed her to become a Lactation Consultant (I.B.C.L.C.). She worked at W.I.C. as a degreed nutritionist and clinical supervisor both teaching group classes and counseling women and their children. She became a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (R.D.N.) in 2014 by completing her hospital rotations at Cedars Sinai Medical Center and multiple hospitals in the Los Angeles area. Her research investigated the importance of omega-3 consumption, and she is very involved in the research community with regards to women's health. Mor Levy specialized in vitamins, minerals, and supplements in her Masters Program from California State University, Northridge. She has been teaching a Nutrition Course through UCLA Extension since 2014, where she gets to teach about her favorite topics of nutrition. She is an expert in nutrition and how much nutrition can impact the body. She's a fierce proponent of women's health and has dedicated herself to not only advise women but also educating them about the issues affecting their quality of life and their baby's. Mor Levy is dedicated in ensuring that every patient receives the highest level of care. In 2016, she married her soulmate and became Mor Levy Volner, and lastly, she welcomed her daughter to the world in 2017 with a beautiful and magical home birth. 


About me

I started with a simple premise: Empowering individuals by supporting and honoring their ambitions. I want to help you achieve your goals of having a healthy, active, enriched life. At the same time, educate each person about the importance of preventative health measures. 

I work with: 

  • Individuals looking to improve their health and wellbeing
  • Businesses wishing to improve the health of their employees and their company
  • Groups needing guided support and education
  • Physicians dedicated to empower their patients to be responsible for their health